A J Moore High School Class of 1963 Newsletter (3/20/15)


onference Call Meeting

On March 18, 2015, members of the Class of 1963 conducted a telephone conference meeting. There were 14 classmates in attendance. They were: Doris Batts Bilton, Leonard Beck, Helen Chew Nichols,, Sam Ellis, Charles Nichols, Nelson Lott, George Michael Evans, Daisy Bell Cook, Alvin Johnson, Imojean Batts Johnson, Izetta Davis Day, Carolyn Winfield Spivey, Charles Burks, and Jeannie McGruder Anderson. The meeting was chaired by Helen Nichols, Vice President.

Items Discussed

Opening – Helen Nichols, Vice Pres.

Financial Report – Jeanie reported that the Beginning Balance (7/16/14) is $2087.87 and the Ending Balance (3/14/15) is $2500.23. Eight members have paid dues for the two years (80.00). We are to send all dues to: Class of 1963 – P O Box 684 Waco, Texas 76703-0684. Dues are due NOW!

Reunion Information – The All School Reunion is scheduled for July 23-26, 2015 at the Convention Center. Registration information has not been sent out. There was concern and discussion from Classmates regarding this issue. Call the Hilton Hotel directly to make reservation for these dates (254-754-8484).

A classmate shared there is a need for the A J Moore High School Steering Committee to work as a TEAM in unity. Sharing information between, with, and among all members is necessary. Telephone numbers were shared to voice concerns about calendar changes, hotel and registration information. They are

  • Claudia Proctor – 254-717-4713

  • Lilla Benson

  • Waymon Dever – 254-349-2899

  • Lois Edmondson – 254-749-0488

The Waco Steering Committee meets each 2nd Friday of the Month. The meeting is open to AJ Moore Alumni. The group usually meets at Marshall Chapel from 6:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.

Class Party

The Class of 1963 will host its Reunion Party on July 23, 2015 at George’s

Time: 7:00 P.M. – Midnight

Theme: Turning 70th

Attire: White Casual Wear

DJ: Andre Watkins

Book Writing

The Classmates agreed to the idea of our class members “Writing a Book.” Each of us is asked to write a one page essay on the following subjects:

What I Liked about High School or

Memories of my Favorite Teacher.

This idea was suggested by one of our classmates, Elaine Radford Moon. Another classmate suggested during the tele-conference, “Let’s put these memories on paper before we forget them” (LOL). On the back of this newsletter are the guidelines for getting your thoughts on paper. The paper is due: June 5, 2015 to Doris Batts Bilton

1705 Starboard Shores Court

Missouri City, Texas 77459

T Shirts

Nelson Lott will look into ordering class T Shirts for Reunion.


Charles Nichols wishes to thank all classmates for prayers, cards, calls, and thoughts during his surgery and recovery. He appreciates your thoughtfulness.

Death Reported: Jessie Benson Brown’s sister, Nadine Belcher, was funeralized last week.

Meeting Adjourned

9:00 P.M. (CST).

ssay Outline (1 Page Only)

  1. Introduction (1 Paragraph)

Topic: (What I Liked about High School or Memories of my Favorite Teacher): What the paper is about. At least 3 things to write about.


  1. My Teacher (one sentence).
  2. Lunch Time (one sentence).
  3. My favorite class (one sentence).

Conclude with one sentence like: These are the three things I like about school.

Body (at least three paragraphs)

  1. A paragraph on 3 things you want to write about My Teacher
  1. He cares and helps (One or more sentences)
  2. He is funny (One or more sentences)
  3. He likes students

Conclude with one sentence like: This is what my teacher does that makes me like school.

  1. A paragraph on 3 things you want to write about the Lunch Time.
  1. The food is good and nutritional (one or more sentences)
  2. Lunch was free or cost 30 cents (one or more sentences)
  3. The cooking staff gave hearty helpings (one or more sentences).

Conclude with one sentence like: This is why I like the cafeteria

  1. A paragraph on 3 things you want to write about My Favorite Class
  1. Why I like this class ( One or more sentences)
  2. Really get involved in this class (one or more sentences)
  3. Like to learn more about it (one or more sentences)

Conclude with one sentence like: My favorite class helps me like school.

5. Conclusion: Between one sentence and one paragraph long.

Always mention what you talked about in your introduction

Example: School would be very boring if I had a different teacher, Lunch time, or didn’t get to go to my favorite class at least once a day. These are three reasons why I like school so much.

No more than one typed page. Place your name at the bottom including (if you are female) your maiden name.

Your final product may be corrected, formatted or revised with the information that you provide. This format is a guide. If it hinders you from writing do your own thing.