A Lions Appreciation Prayer

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Almighty God Giver of enteral life and sender of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:

Now as we prepare to leave this place let us all beware that all who are lead by the spirit of God are sons and daughters of God. For we did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear. That’s why I can trufrully state I am so glad that I went to M.H. S. GLORY HALLELUJAH! That’s how I can remain faithful and true hearted. For my joy is beaming as we keep her color streaming. From the field of athletics we loved so well.


Thank you Father, for so many teachers, that took our best interest and at heart and refused to let us fail. Now Father, we ask that you give us that same spirit so, we may be able to pass on too those who follow us. Father, thank you for Miss Toliver, who taught us that: “Above all thy getting, get an understanding”.


Father, thank you for Vernon Hicks who drove us beyond our tolerance so that we may be made whole in the workd to come.

Thank you, for Mr. Dawson and Mr. Dever who taught us how to mix athletic with academics.

Thank you, for Miss Harris and Mrs. Pryor who taught us wherever you go as Moore High students, you will know how to speak the King’s English properly. Above all, thank you for our beloved principal J. J. Wilson who instilled in us dignity and purpose and told us “why the monkey crossed the road”; “my people, my people”.


Thank you, also for our beloved Coach L.H. Richardson through his work and dedication, he made “men out of boys” and also, taught us that if you buy a good hat you can bend it, twist it, stomp on it when the game ends you can still wear it and look good in it.


Thank You for Mrs. Ometa White, Mr L.F. Chaney, Acie Hatchett; who taught us like math life is a simultaneous equations. Also Leon Lank Leonard, Miss E. B. Bolin; Mr. Leonard for his foreign clothes, Miss Bolin for her foreign costums. Mrs. Ritcherson, Mrs. L. R. Brown; “son life has no excuse”. Mr. Gerald; his mechanical drawing classes taught us how to overcome the stumbling blocks of life. Mr. Stewart; showing us how to work with our hands as well as our minds: “Why am I “E” you little jay bird.” Mr. W.O. Davis; “Son at least make you Mama dust pan.” Mr. Warren; for giving us a green thumb. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas for giving us a clean place to come to. Mr Dickey; for having such a instructive place to see. Mrs. Wilkins; for testing us on a typewriter with no letters on the keys, so that we could learn to “walk by faith and not by sight”. Mr. P.R. Malone; who ran us from “The Pool Room to the classroom.” Who could forget Mr. “Duke” Dan Rowe and his technical color band.


These are just a few, there are many others who gave of themselves unselfishly to make us what we are today. Doctors, lawyers, teachers and good citizens with pride who can say I am so glad I went to Moore High School. “FAITHFULL AND TRUE HEARTEN LET’S US BOOST FOR OUR MOORE HIGH”. And now, the peace of God which passed all understanding, keep your heart and mind in the knowledge and love of God and his Son Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Your Classmate

Willie R. Stanley

Class of 1961