Newsletter January 2015

. J. Moore High School Alumni–Class of 1963

January 1, 2015 First Edition 01 Doris Bilton, Editor

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here we are once again able to repeat the words beginning this paragraph. It is so good to ring in another year.

During the 2014 year, the A J Moore High School Class of 1963 met July 10-12, 2014 at the Tuscany Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was our first outing as a class, hosted by Charles and Helen Nichols. Those classmates in attendance were Jeanie McGruder Anderson, Roy Benns, Lilla Benson, Doris Batts Bilton, Charles Burks, Izetta Davis Day, Sam Ellis, Michael Evans, Myretha Brooks Gadlin, Mary Taylor Gardner, Carolyn King Hunt, Alvin Johnson, Imogene Batts Johnson, Robert Lee, Carolyn Winfield Lewis, Elno Lee McDonald, B. Elaine Radford Moon, Charles Nichols, Helen Chew Nichols, Alfred Penn, Catherine Reed, Mary Taliaferro, and Ruby Turner Watkins. The occasion was most productive and enjoyable. Thanks to each person for your contribution to the success of this event.

A scheduled meeting was held during our stay in Las Vegas. A slate of officers were nominated and By-laws were voted on and approved by all in attendance. Prior to the meeting, the bylaws were sent by US and E mail to every known member of this class for input. Your response guided the development of these guidelines prior to this meeting.

The Officers include:

Lilla Benson, President; Helen Chew Nichols, Vice President; Myretha Brooks Gadlin, Secretary; Elaine Moon, Assistant Secretary (approved 11/12/14); Nelson Lott, Sgt. At Arms (approved 11/12/14); Jeanie McGruder Anderson, Treasure; and James McCoy, Assistant Treasurer (approved 11/12/14). All other officers were approved during the meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

Annual Dues:

A tele-conference was scheduled for November 12, 2014. During this meeting it was decided that the annual dues will be $40.00 a year. It was two years ago since the last A J Moore High All School Reunion, therefore, each classmate is to contribute $80.00 by May 30, 2015.

This money will allow a Committee to:

  • Plan a class party during the all school reunion (a 15.00 fee will be charged for each guest over one per classmate who is financial),

  • Send memorials during time of condolences and serious illnesses and deaths in the name

  • Send cards for continuous hospital visits and illnesses of classmates and relatives and family deaths in the name of the Class of 1963.

Also, during this tele-conference, Doris Bilton volunteered to provide a newsletter no fewer than two times a year. You will be notified by e-mail or US mail for the next teleconferences (To Be Determined).

Other business during this teleconference provided each member with the postal mailing address for the class. It is:

A J Moore – Class of 1963

P O Box 684- 424 Clay Avenue

Waco, Texas 76703-0684.

You may send your dues to this address and any other communication to the Class of 1963 Officers.

Hooray! Classmate, Lilla Benson is the Chairperson for the All School Reunion Committee. This is quite an honor. She will need the assistance and prayers from all of us. She will keep us abreast of plans for this event. Lilla informed us that the All School Reunion is scheduled for July 23-26, 2015. This is a change from the previous years for the reunion event. Please place this date on your calendar and request these dates with your employer so that you can arrange to take vacation in order to participate in this memorable occasion. This is a change of dates from the previous dates and we want all of you to participate.

Sick and Shut-in

The following persons have been reported as having some illness or hospitalized. Keep each of them in your prayers. Only Charles Nichols has been confirmed.

  • Helen Nichols reported that, Charles is receiving physical and occupational therapy. Keep them in your prayers as he continues to improve.

  • Alton Robinson – Severely burned – Hospitalized – Baylor Hospital in Dallas, Texas.

  • Robert Lee – hospitalized

  • Richard Lee – hospitalized

Reported Deaths

  • Virgil Heslip

Pictures from the Class Trip were requested, by the editor. However, they were not printed as a part of this first newsletter. In future newsletters they will be included.

Reminder: A New Year and the clock is ticking. Please forward your dues as soon as possible.